7 Mar 2011

English Language Influence

In everyday life these English words have been adopted by Russians without translation.
supermarket, hypermarket, provider, user, drive, hosting, leasing, brand, manager, producer, marketing, headhunter, HR, PR, consulting, supervisor, startup, transfer, snack, smoothie, entrepreneur, fresh, pasta, hamburger, fish, creative, usability and many more !!
© Personal observations


  1. Interesting and very true of many other languages. I wonder how these language changes are viewed in Russia - is there any backlash against 'modernising' and in fact 'anglicising' the language in this way, like there is in France?

  2. English language has some advantages over Russian language. English has short and clear words rather than the longer Russian versions.

    For those people who can speak some English - when she/he uses a mix of Russian and English words - the use of English perceived as 'Cool'. Similarly in products naming - Russian consumer will trust foreign names more than Russian named brands. That's why we like the word" Elite" as well ;) The issue here is the perception of trust and quality of the product.

    In terms of Russian language regulations there is no formal Academy that tries to eliminate the use of English words.


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