21 Jan 2013

History recreation by Parfenov

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I like Leonid Parfenov's Russian historical project - Kakie nashi godi. I adore his style and creativity. He is showing the Russian history - good and bad, showing how Russian people adapt, what problems they were facing. 

His recent historical project - Kakie nashi godi is very popular now, each seria dedicated to a year or decade of a Soviet/Russian history.

Leonid Gennadievich Parfenov 
(RussianЛеонид Геннадьевич Парфёнов) is a Russian news anchorjournalist and an author of some popular TV shows. From December 3, 2004 until December 20, 2007 he was an Editor-in-Chief of the Russian edition of Newsweek. (Source). 

The other Parfenov's historical project was a collection of TV series called Namedni.

"Namedni 1961-2003: Our Era"/"Наме́дни 1961—2003: Наша Эра" Documentary television series on the history of the USSR and Russia in the second half of the XX century, the NTV channel. Author and presenter - Leonid Parfenov. Each episode is dedicated to the events, people and events in the Soviet Union (1992 - Russia) in 1961-2003. The series were later released on VHSi DVD. 
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If you speak Russian, here you can watch all the series of Namedni by Parfenov.

19 Jan 2013

It is a Manly drink!

This product is specifically marketed for men which is quite new for Russian consumer.

'Imunele for Men' comes in a big bottle with a double dose of lactobactiries, vitamins and minerals. 
It comes in two flavours - coffee and spiced apple.
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                                   Imunele FOR MEN                                 

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