9 Jul 2011

Marussia Virgin Racing...rocks

Here is an example or the Russian company teaming up with a Western marketing master - Virgin to sell cars that appeal to both Russian and Western consumers.  
'For decades the Lada has been the symbol of Russian cars: cheap, economical and very unfashionable. But as Russia's first luxury sports car, the Marussia hopes to change perceptions of the country's motoring industry. Nikolai Fomenko, 'Marussia motors' CEO, gave the BBC a few insights into the new car' (source). 

Brand 'Marussia motors' (pronunced in English as Maroosya motors | Маруся моторс). 

Marussia will have limited car edition in Russia. There will be three main car categories: Grand Tourer, Sedan and Crossover. All cars have Renault engines. In the car saloon, you will get fast Internet, all entertainment with Tv&Radio, DVD, bluetooth connection, phone, three cameras and so on. The wheel is as in the cars in F1 - that is very comfortable to manage because it has smaller angle of control. There are three monitors in a car that have navigation and projector with a graphic invitation (Source). Cars 'Marussia' have EU certification ISO 9001:2008. 

Marussia Virgin Racing = Marussia + Virgin Racing
Marussia Virgin Racing image source
Russian sports car gears up for F1

image source

More info here and here.

1 Jul 2011

Russia in brief

Russia is a vast country with a wealth of natural resources. It is the world's largest exporter of natural gas and second largest exporter of oil, of which it produced about 12 per cent of global supply in 2009. Russia's economy is heavily dependent on these exports Source.

Russian territory divided into 8 federal districts and 9 time zones (previously 11 time zones).

The Russian Federal Districts Map 

More info on federal districts in Russia here.
Some Russian Economic Reports can be found here.

see this video to know more how Russia works - This is Russia (see link)
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