21 Feb 2011

Plombir & Ice-Cream Nostalgia

When I am thinking about Russian ice-cream, the first names that comes to mind are Plombir and Eskimo
Plombir as it was during soviet times
Today the closest one to the original is "Plombir" by Pure line as seen in the first picture below. The other plombirs in the pictures below are sold today.
According to wiki, Plombir (Пломбир) originally came from France and the Russian version of "Plombir" is slightly different from the  French version.
Source: Utkonos, Tan-ayran, RusholodKraistorg, Store checks
Another example of Today Soviet ice cream nostalgia is to use Soviet cartoon characters, such as the cat named Matroskin and the polar bear named Umka.
Source: Store checks 
Cat Matroskin (soviet cartoon hero), watch this video
Umka, polar bear (soviet cartoon hero), watch this video

Here is an example of an Ice-cream ad during Soviet times

Another marketing strategy is recreating the feel of  Soviet ice-cream by making a brand name with  the word "Kopeek"
Ice-cream in Soviet times was always priced by the number of kopeeks and  the price was stable.

Nowadays, you can buy brands named as "7 Kopeek", "11 Kopeek", "20 Kopeek", "28 Kopeek" 48 Kopeek".
For Example, a Nestle Ice-cream ad today
The  Brand "48 kopeek" from Nestle, plays on nostalgia from childhood times (message "as in childchood").
In this ad: a happy couple remembers their best childhood days when they enjoyed ice-cream. Since that time there have been a lot of changes but ice-cream "48 kopeek" remains even more tasty than from childhood times. This ad brings up warm memories from the Soviet childhood - Rabbit-boy suit, Snow-flake suit, soviet film (Усатый нянь/Mustached nanny, 1977) and old friendships

I'd love to get any comments you may have


  1. Hello,

    I am searching about " La Glace Plombières" in the world, and particulary in France and in Europ.
    In Russia, you use to eat An " Plombir ice cream" , wich is very probably a different ice cream , ideed, but certainly a child (from the history) of our "Glace plombières".
    May you tell me more, about this subject.

    May you tellling more about it.


    Jacques Boffy

  2. Je suis Jacques Boffy, né le 16/12/1950, à Plombières France


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