20 Mar 2011

Russia: A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby

In order to understand how to market to Russians, you need to get a cultural understanding of Russia. Russia is very diverse and multicultural. Russia is not Moscow and Moscow is not Russia. Russia is its people and people have different faces in Russia.
This is a very good DVD about Russia that covers many Russian cities and explores Russian lifestyle. It was very interesting to see how Russian cities are that far away from Moscow and St. Petersburg, however, this DVD doesn't cover Southern part of Russia, which is very different from the rest of Russian cities. Overall, this DVD can be a short introduction to the Russian culture.
"In television's first comprehensive journey through the vast and varied landscapes of Russia, the resourceful Jonathan Dimbleby makes an epic journey from one end to the other, killing cliches and revelling in the unpredictable. Across nine time zones and through all extremes of weather, he seeks out the people of this strange and extraordinary land. From the Arctic Circle where the summer sun never sets to the subzero wastes of Siberia, from white witches to hirsute masseurs, from oil wells to shamans, Dimbleby's journey by boat, train, truck and foot is heart-warming, entertaining and compelling. From outside, Russia is both forbidding and enticing. Inside it becomes an exhilarating adventure," Source(c) Image source (see link). 
  • Release Date: 16/06/2008

There are some episodes from a Journey with Jonathan, have a look
Location @Arctic Circle

Location @Ekaterinburg,  in a Russian pub

Location @Siberia, plays computer games in Academgorodok

Location @Moscow, in a Russian bath/Баня

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