2 Mar 2011

iBlin, Sausage.ru and Ёmobile

I have noticed a certain pattern in naming products.
The first observation is that by adding a symbol "Ъ", (hard sign) - which was used in the old days in Russia - certainly creates an image of "still in business since the old days".

Adding the russian symbol "Ъ" 
(see link)
Source: Newspaper КоммерсантЪ/Kommersant; Shoe shop - ОбувѢ/Shoe shop; ЧайкофЪ/Chaikof; Ложкаревъ/Logkarev; Пушкинъ/Pushkin

Secondly, you can find many name examples where English language is used or mixed with Russian language. The reason behind it is  to make the product more appealing, "in-tune", with the modern and young generation. 

Mixing Russian language with English
Beer.Ka; iБлин/iPancake; Sausage.ru

Interestingly, iБлин/iPancake ads are surprisingly similar to iPod ads (see link), by Apple. 

Thirdly, the use of adding "i" in front of the brand and ending with OFF

Finally, the use of  "Ё" (see link) (pronounced as "Yo"). 
For example,  the brand  Ёmobile sounds like saying  "Your mobile."
According to this (see link) practice of starting a word with a nonstandard letter is similar to brands that starts with i (for example, iPod, iTunes).

More info about Ёmobile/Your-mobile, translated from Google in English can be found here 
(see link)

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