9 Jul 2011

Marussia Virgin Racing...rocks

Here is an example or the Russian company teaming up with a Western marketing master - Virgin to sell cars that appeal to both Russian and Western consumers.  
'For decades the Lada has been the symbol of Russian cars: cheap, economical and very unfashionable. But as Russia's first luxury sports car, the Marussia hopes to change perceptions of the country's motoring industry. Nikolai Fomenko, 'Marussia motors' CEO, gave the BBC a few insights into the new car' (source). 

Brand 'Marussia motors' (pronunced in English as Maroosya motors | Маруся моторс). 

Marussia will have limited car edition in Russia. There will be three main car categories: Grand Tourer, Sedan and Crossover. All cars have Renault engines. In the car saloon, you will get fast Internet, all entertainment with Tv&Radio, DVD, bluetooth connection, phone, three cameras and so on. The wheel is as in the cars in F1 - that is very comfortable to manage because it has smaller angle of control. There are three monitors in a car that have navigation and projector with a graphic invitation (Source). Cars 'Marussia' have EU certification ISO 9001:2008. 

Marussia Virgin Racing = Marussia + Virgin Racing
Marussia Virgin Racing image source
Russian sports car gears up for F1

image source

More info here and here.

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